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It's like NaNo! But more, um, demonic?

20,000 words in a month. 666.666 a day. How hard can it be?

It's like NaNo, but with less words and more numer
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Mini-NaNo for fic writers
Do you find yourself in the mood for NaNo, even though you never complete it and would rather just write fic?

Well count yourself lucky, because we're here to help! For the month of November, we pre-drop-outs will be writing 20,000 words of fan fiction, and we want you to join us!

20,000 words in thirty days? Why, that's only 666.666 words per day! Barring the inevitable interference of the forces of darkness, what could possibly go wrong? This is a mellow comm for sharing drafts, headdesks and flails. Here are the rules:

1. Unlike NaNo, you can bring in a draft you've already started. Hell, life's too short to get hung up with silly problems like finding new ideas.

2. No racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist language in the comm. Or any kind of ist that I've missed out on.


4. Winners will receive a profound sense of achievement. And, if they post their fic, feedback (probably). Which is more than a lot of NaNo novelists get, so there.

5. Losers get nothing.

6. Use a cut if you're posting something long, explicit or spoiler-tastic.

7. Out of consideration for fellow members, indicate at the start whether or not a post or draft contains explicit, violent or potentially triggery material*.

8. Sobriety is strictly optional, unless you are driving.

* I don't mean to conflate pr0n with triggery stuff; it just made sense if they shared a point.