lizbee (lizbee) wrote in 666words,

So, whatcha writin'?

It's Hallowe'en in my time zone, which means two things:

1. We really need to clean our house before that inspection next week.

2. One day until the 666words challenge begins!

So if you have a project in mind, this is the time to tell us about it. If, you know, you're comfortable discussing drafts and so forth.

I'm going to be writing the Babylon 5 fic that's lived in my head for a couple of months, my take on the Overused Cliche where Delenn is going about her business but then gets abducted by terrorists, and Sheridan comes swooping in to rescue her with the power of his masculinity, teaching her about the dangers of Living While Female (And Alien), and then there's angst. Only it's not going to go precisely like that, because I still have a modicum of self-respect. 

I don't actually know if there's 20,000 words worth of story in this, but I plan to have the same sense of achievement if I actually finish it.

Not gonna lie, it was either this or doing NaNo with the Tudor novel where Anne of Cleves FIGHTS CRIME.

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