November 5th, 2009

Also, I watched Elizabeth: the Golden Age instead of writing.

I didn't get my 666 words written yesterday. Well, I didn't Monday either, but I figured 2000 words Sunday night would count for three days. And Tuesday I did manage 700 words of probably trash, so I'm not that behind.

But instead of fleshing out the stubs of ideas that I had Sunday, I tried coming up with something new: a new story, which I'm trying to synthesize without really knowing what happens yet, & I want it to be as a comic-book script. It's giving me hives. I have two potential plots, I'm thinking about page layouts, I tried to make up a new superhero(ine) & can't quite name her...some form of Talabarte, perhaps—all this nonsense I put in my own way. Maybe I should just stick with prose for this month.

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