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It's like NaNo! But more, um, demonic?

20,000 words in a month. 666.666 a day. How hard can it be?

I suppose it's the last day now
Book of the Still
Miraculously, and with only a little bit metric shedload of creative accounting in adding in words from fics that may never get finished, I have only 683 words to go, which I suppose means my average is almost exactly on target (a complete misrepresentation, as almost all the writing I've done has been in big bursts over a night or two).

How's everyone else doing?

Also, I watched Elizabeth: the Golden Age instead of writing.
I didn't get my 666 words written yesterday. Well, I didn't Monday either, but I figured 2000 words Sunday night would count for three days. And Tuesday I did manage 700 words of probably trash, so I'm not that behind.

But instead of fleshing out the stubs of ideas that I had Sunday, I tried coming up with something new: a new story, which I'm trying to synthesize without really knowing what happens yet, & I want it to be as a comic-book script. It's giving me hives. I have two potential plots, I'm thinking about page layouts, I tried to make up a new superhero(ine) & can't quite name her...some form of Talabarte, perhaps—all this nonsense I put in my own way. Maybe I should just stick with prose for this month.

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Day 2, Australian time
3641 / 21500

I took a leaf from the pages of other members here, and decided to include other fics in my count. I wrote almost 1400 words of Sarah Jane Adventures fic, and am inordinately proud about it.

How are you guys going?

So, whatcha writin'?

It's Hallowe'en in my time zone, which means two things:

1. We really need to clean our house before that inspection next week.

2. One day until the 666words challenge begins!

So if you have a project in mind, this is the time to tell us about it. If, you know, you're comfortable discussing drafts and so forth.

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